Pokemon Tower Defense

How to Play Pokemon Tower Defense

Left mouse button to play Pokemon Tower Defense

Pokemon tower defense is a tower defense game with Pokemon as its theme. Here you can experience the wisdom of the manager and feel a lot about the construction and stability of a base. Choose a good battle position and weapons for your elves, and they will ultimately defeat your elves and defend the city.

Pokemon tower defense game content

In the Pokemon tower defense, your main task is to protect the base from attack by your opponents. Before entering the game, you can name your elves and let them fight and build.  Only by training your elves to have a strong fighting capacity can they better defend the base.  Besides, it is necessary to strengthen the infrastructure and enhance the defense capability of the station itself, to ensure that both the basic construction and the armament storage capability are durable.

The game features of the Pokemon tower defense

Pokemon tower defense is a game that pays special attention to strategy. It requires continuous training of troops to protect the city from invasion. Besides, we need a sharp-edged army that can do everything. It must be top-notch in both skills and endurance, to prevent the enemy from invading. Furthermore, you can continuously upgrade their capabilities in various fields and use strategies to defend your country.

If you like casual games, then if you choose Pokemon tower defence, you can select the elves you want here, and then let them grow and upgrade under your training to become the real help on your way to success.  Online return man, 3 can make you feel the tension and excitement of the competition for one second. Only when you successfully kick the ball to the given position can you win the game.

The free online solitaire only requires you to arrange the cards from big to small according to the established rules, so that it can successfully harvest several stacks and win the game.  Meanwhile, scrabble online is a game with a high degree of freedom, where you can gain something. You will play your English understanding and word storage here, and you can also get a significant improvement here.

If you want to play some games that emphasize operation, crush the castle will test your control and aiming power very much. Only in this way can you successfully project weapons into the opponent’s position and knock down the opponent’s castle to achieve success.  Or choose online chess, a chess game that tests your thinking and skills, which can always help you learn a lot more or less in the battle.

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